V: First
Fund Raising

Based on the success of the small mentoring model, in 1991 with the support of Percy Douglas, Friends received $15,000 in financial support from The Rockefeller Group, Inc.  Barbara Grodd wrote the first of what would turn out to be many grant applications, to the Horace W. Goldsmith Foundation, which subsequently awarded Friends $10,000.  Another $10,000 was received in donations, enabling FOIA to consider hiring its first full-time employee.

Commissioner Catherine M. Abate
attended 1992 FOIA fund-raiser.

Today, FOIA has retained the services of a professional fund-raising group relieving Board members of the need to write foundation grant applications.  The Board members’ role in other areas of fund-raising continues to be significant.
In 1992, the first fund-raising event was held in a basement on Hudson Street.  Representatives from most of the City’s criminal justice agencies, the Commissioner of Correction, Catherine Abate, several wardens, as well as friends, attended this event.  The overwhelming response heartened and encouraged all of those working to expand services for these vulnerable youth.

These fund-raising events have become annual affairs, always well-attended and held in increasingly significant venues.  However, the highlight at each event is always the youth themselves, remarking on their own personal journey from a life of street crime to productive citizens.

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