Master of Ceremony Script for
NYS DOCS Memorial Monument
Dedication Ceremony
at Training Academy in Albany

MC: Ladies and Gentlemen, please take your seats ... We are about to begin today's program. Thank you.

Preceded by bagpipers, DOCS Commissioner Glenn Goord and DCJS Commissioner Katherine Lapp lead a procession of dignitaries (above) and families of the 32 honorees (below).

My name is Lucien Leclaire. I am Commissioner Goord's Deputy Commissioner for Facility Operations. I will be the emcee for today's ceremony.

In just a moment, Commissioner Goord and the Governor's Director of Criminal Justice will escort the families of today's 32 honorees from the Training Academy. They will be accompanied by some members of the state Legislature and other invited guests.

They will be preceded by two bagpipers, Fishkill Correction Officer Michael Hudson and Gouverneur Correction Officer Jeff Forsythe.

Would everyone please stand in honor of the honorees' families joining us today . . . . Please remain standing through the praying of the Invocation.

The US, NYS and POW flags are raised.

MC: Please turn around to face the Academy for the posting of the colors.

Color Guard, please post the colors. . . .

MC: Would everyone please be seated.

I would like to welcome each of you to our first ceremony to honor our colleagues who died as a result of inmate action, and to dedicate this outdoor memorial and the memorial room inside of the Training Academy.

Let me introduce the dais behind me. They are:

  • Katherine Lapp, the Governor's Director of Criminal Justice.
  • Senator Dale M. Volker, chairman of the Senate Committee on Codes.
  • Assemblyman Jeffrion L. Aubry, Chairman of the Assembly Corrections Committee.
  • Our Commissioner, Glenn S. Goord, and
  • Father Richard Severson.
Also joining us today are some guests that I would like to mention by name. They are:
  • Assemblyman Daniel J. Burling of Wyoming County
  • Assemblyman Robert D'Andrea of Washington County
  • Commissioner Daniel B. Reardon of the Commission of Correction
  • Chairman Brion Travis of the Division of Parole
  • Sara Tullar Fasoldt, Executive Deputy Director of the Division of Probation and Correctional Alternatives, and
  • Brian Shanagher, president of the New York State Correction Officer Police Benevolent Association.

[The emcee then introduces members of the dais to speak, including Commissioner Goord who introduces Commissioner Lapp.]

MC: Thank you, Director Lapp. Ladies and gentlemen, we are gathered here today for the first of what will be an annual remembrance of our colleagues who have died as the result of an inmate action. They will forever be remembered at this memorial site, and in the memorial room of the Training Academy.

Commissioners Lapp and Goord place the wreath.

It is my honor to read the names of our heroes. Would everyone please stand.

[As the emcee slowly reads the 32 name, the drummer sounds one drumbeat for each name. Uniformed forces stand at attention.]

MC: Commissioner Goord and Director Lapp ... would you now place the wreath in front of the memorial.

[After the Commissioners place the wreath and return to their seats, the rifle squad fires three, seven-shot volleys, afterwich buglers blow Taps.]

MC: We would like to thank our drummer, Michael Tighe, for his services today.

Memorial dedication guests had opportunity to visit the Training Academy's
We also thank our buglers, Green Haven Correction Officer Gordon Wildrick Jr. and Attica Sergeant Cesar Martinez. I would now like to call upon Father Severson to give the Benediction.

[After Benediction, the bagpipers pipe one chorus of Amazing Grace followed by Mr. Gil singing one verse a cappella.]

MC: Please be seated.

After dedication ceremony, visitors view memorial plaques room and sign remembrance book.

I know that the survivors and others with us here today would like to lay flowers at the base of the memorial. They are welcome to do so at the conclusion of this ceremony.

They and the rest of our guests are welcome to join us for food and refreshments which are located at the rear of the Academy.

Any of you who have not visited the memorial room inside the Training Academy are invited to do so after this ceremony.

Thank you once again for honoring the employees of this Department who have given their lives in the service of the people of New York State.

This concludes our ceremony.

As the DOCS memorial dedication ceremony concludes . . .

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