Dell Omega Grant, editor; Richard J. Koehler, Correction Commissioner; Thomas L. Murray, Chief of Operations; Ruby Ryles, Deputy Commissioner for Public Affairs, and facility correspondents, standing.


Although the newletter's caption did not name the standees in the photo, it identified them as Facility Correspondents. Elsewhere on the same page, the list of the newsletter correspondents appeared. The names and facilities are reproduced below. Not every correspondent listed appears in the photo. Nor is every standee in the photo a Facility Correspondent; for example, Roberto Roman, back row right, was a Public Affairs Office staffer and newsletter researcher.
Michael Dickson
Adolescent Reception Detention Center

Ernest Dowser
Leonard Stewart
Anna M. Kross Center

Deborah Moody
Patricia Worthy
Brooklyn Correctional Facility

Henry 1. Boykins
Brooklyn Court Detention Facility

John Evans
Jerry Greene
Brooklyn House of Detention for Men

Levora Bacon
Robert Esposito
Raul Ortiz
Bronx House of Detention for Men

Raymond Bethea
Rocco Ferraro
Joe Saglimbene
Correctional Institution for Men

Janet Everett
Beverley Harvey
Correctional Institution for Women

Juanita M. Murray
Vickie Williams
Correction Industries

Maria Zabala
Elmhurst Hospital Prison

Carolyn Gibson
Nicole Maye
Health Management Division

George Barfield
Kevin Butler
Agnes Sullivan
House of Detention
for Men
[Rikers Island]

Cheryl Jones
Donna Martin-Shannon
Maritime Facility

Nicholas Varounas
Manhattan Court

Debora Dyre
Workenish Sawyer
Thomas Zaffarese
Manhattan House of
Detention for Men

Bernice Ashley
Hassan Abdul-Rahim
North Facility

Nelson Pagan
Jerry Williams
Queens House
of Detention

Shaion Marshall
Betty Mulholland
Support Services

William Jenkins
Joanne Schneller
Training Academy

Evangelio LaPorte
Angel A. Quiles

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