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Above is a cropped and down-sized image of the 14.75 X 11.25 inch front page of the December 1988 issue of the NYC DOC monthly Correction News.
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The following is the full text of Correction Commissioner Richard J. Koehler's column that appeared on Page 2 of the newsletter's December issue.

It was mostly devoted to reviewing departmental developments during 1988.

As 1988 ends and the New Year begins, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your outstanding performance during an extremely challenging year.

Your dedicated service has become this agency?s trademark and it makes being your Commissioner very rewarding.

As employees of this department, you have expertly managed unprecedented growth this year.

Above is a cropped and down-sized image of the heading for Commissioner Richard Koehler's column. Below is his photo that appeared with it.

At the beginning of 1988, our population was 14,006. We have entered December with 17,700.

This represents a 20% increase since January. In the month of September, the population increased by 1,300 inmates which prompted an emergency declaration to accommodate the influx.

Our capacity at the beginning of the year was 14,782 and in just over 11 months, the capacity has grown to 1 7,022.

We have added more beds to the system than ever before in the history of the agency.

The second ferry, The Bain, with a 162-bed capacity opened in March. Also in March we started placing the inmates on our first barge, the Bibby Venture.

The Rose M. Singer Center with a 783-bed capacity opened in June.

The two upstate jails opened in late summer enhancing our capacity by 1,400 beds.

In addition to a record inmate population increase and record capacity increase, this has been a record year of other major accomplishments.

Above is the heading that accompanied a year-end pictoral review spread of 11 photos on Page 4 of the 4-page December newsletter, each image representating a DOC news item for a particular month in 1988.
In August, we were granted legislative approval to implement a supervised detention program.

This is an innovative, progressive program that will enable us, for the first time, to place detention inmates in work, education and drug treatment programs outside our jails.

We have trained and graduated 30 correction officers for this challenging assignment.

We congratulate these officers and I am confident that they will make this program a resounding success.

The field training officers program initiated this year to provide assistance for the newer officers with less than three years on the job, promises to be effective in training and developing staff during the coming year and beyond.

Above is derived from 1st of 11 photos in Dec.newsletter's pictoral review of 1988. Click to enlarge. Use browser's "back" button to return.
The new Central Punitive Segregation Unitwhich opened in March has already proven to be an invaluable management vehicle in reducing violence. The CPSU now houses 235.

We estimate that violence system-wide will continue to decline even further in 1989 as a result of a better managed inmate discipline system.

We congratulate the family support group, athletic committee and morale committee for the outstanding contribution they made this year. We were able to involve families, especially children, of employees in more events than ever before.

Again we are confident that these groups will continue to help in reducing stress on your jobs. This message comes to you via the newsletter which premiered in May and has been received with enthusiasm.

Above is derived from 2nd of 11 photos in Dec.newsletter's pictoral review of 1988. Click to enlarge. Use browser's "back" button to return.
During the coming year we will make it even more viable as an employee communications vehicle.

Through the Morale Committee, we are establishing a special column for inquiries and concern from the field. I urge you to utilize this vehicle as a means of creating more communications between the jails and central office.

Address your inquiries and concerns to Correction News, Morale Committee, c/o Deputy Commissioner Ruby Ryles, 60 Hudson Street, 6th Floor, NewYork, NY 10013.

Broad-based inquiries and concerns will be addressed in the newsletter, others will be addressed individually.

I am sure all of you join me in thanking Mayor Edward Koch for his strong support during the year.

Above is derived from 3rd of 11 photos in Dec.newsletter's pictoral review of 1988. Click to enlarge. Use browser's "back" button to return.
The mayor made a record number of visits to the jails this year boosting staff morale.

He also spent time addressing residents? concerns about their community being a target of our expansion programs.

The mayor also continued to be in support of our budget this year, which is immeasurably helpful to us.

I wish all of you and your families the Merriest Christmas and the Happiest New Year.

The following is the full text of the front page story of "Correction Officers Bearing Gifts" to needy children, with its accompanying Santa photo, in NYC DOC 's 1988 December newsletter issue:

Correction Officers
Bearing Gifts

Many children in the New York City area will be delighted this season when correction officers and a personal friend ? Santa Claus ? come knocking at their doors. They will be bearing gifts donated by the staff and local businesses.

1988 caption read: "Oficers Audry Campbell and Salvatore Macchia as Santa." [Photo by] "Nelson Villafane."
The children may be lying in the pediatric wards of city hospitals, waiting for adoptions, living in homeless shelters or sleeping overnight in child welfare agencies.

The officers, who have identified these needy children, are determined to see that they will not be ignored this Christmas.

The Correction Guardian Association for years has given toys and gifts to children in the pediatric wards of area hospitals.

Funds are raised for this project at the association's annual Christmas and Kwanzaa party. It will be held Sunday, December18 from 7 P.M. to 1 A.M. at the Pyramid Entertainment Complex, 89-25 Merrick Boulevard, Jamaica, Queens.

"We?ve been giving toys to children in hospitals for 33 years;" said Deputy Warden Ali al-Rahman, president of the association. ?In fact we're doing something a little different this year. We?re taking toys to the Bureau of Child Welfare in the Bronx."

Above is derived from 4th of 11 photos in Dec.newsletter's pictoral review of 1988. Click to enlarge. Use browser's "back" button to return.
Hundreds of toys will be given to children who spend their nights in the bureau?s offices.

"If they (the bureau] can?t find a bed for them in the city, they come back and spend the night [in the office]," said Dep. al-Rahman, who works at the Manhattan House of Detention for Men. "They?re not bad kids. They?re just caught up in the system!"

The Guardians also plan to visit Harlem and Bellevue Hospitals in Manhattan, Kings County Hospital in Brooklyn, Elmhurst Hospital in Queens and Bronx Lebanon Hospital.

Two borough commands and a Rikers Island facility plan similar projects for the city?s children.

The Adolescent Reception Detention Center plans to give toys to homeless children. Officers from the Brooklyn House of Detention for Men will accompany Santa Claus on some rounds again this year.

They have done so at Kings County Hospital for the past two years. The Brooklyn Correctional Facility will join them. "We?re not just locking people up," said Officer Jerry Greene of Brooklyn House. "We do care!"

Above is derived from 5th of 11 photos in Dec.newsletter's pictoral review of 1988. Click to enlarge. Use browser's "back" button to return.
In 1986 several officers organized the hospital visit: John Evans (captain), Miguel Rodriguez (captain at the Brooklyn Correctional Facility); Jerry Greene, Gabriel Anotella, Harry Sanchez (who videotaped the event), Thomas Vitola (alias Santa Claus, a captain on Rikers Island), Edward Vinales, Evelyn Chevalier (on temporary duty assignment in the Inspector General?s office, 60 Hudson Street), Marvin Fisher (warden at BCF), and the Rev. Walter Keiller.

In 1987, Officer Salvatore Macchia was Santa Claus. This year the officers stopped by other areas of the Kings County Hospital. "We had so many toys that we gave to families visiting sick children," said Officer Greene, "and we went to the pediatric emergency ward." About three hundred officers each had given a new toy.

"Their visit in the rehabilitation center, however, was the most gratifying," Officer Greene said. "They were really surprised. The joy they showed. The response to Santa Claus. Whereas in the pediatric ward the kids expressed some doubt, to them this really was Santa Claus!"

Above is derived from 6th of 11 photos in Dec.newsletter's pictoral review of 1988. Click to enlarge. Use browser's "back" button to return.

The following is the full text of the NYC DOC 1988 December newsletter issue Page 2 story of "Public Service Awards" given in Manhattan and Brooklyn to NYC DOC personnel.

Public Service

Manhattan's Best

Officers James Arancio, John Bonilla Jr. and Edward Gavin on December 6 will represent the Department of Correction in the Third Annual Uniformed Services Awards program in Manhattan.

The program will be held at 10 A.M. at the [NY Telephone] company?s headquarters, 1095 Avenue of the Americas at 42nd Street, 23rd floor in the auditorium.

Officer Arancio, Special Operations Division, and Officer Gavin, Operations Division, on April 17 at about 1 P.M. assisted an elderly man who had been hit by a truck.

The victim, 81-year-old Sam Mancuso, had a head wound and was bleeding profusely. Officer Arancio fashioned a compress from his jacket to stop further loss of blood while Officer Gavin radioed for help.

Above is derived from 7th of 11 photos in Dec.newsletter's pictoral review of 1988. Click to enlarge. Use browser's "back" button to return.
They were with Mr. Mancuso when the police and the Emergency Medical Service arrived.

The officers accompanied Mr. Mancuso to the Beekman Downtown Hospital, whose representatives said that they saved the victim?s life.

Mr. Mancuso recovered from his injuries.

On July 27 Officer John A. Bonilla Jr., Anna M. Kross Center, was driving on East 50th Street near Fifth Avenue.

His five-year-old son, John A. Bonilla III was with him.

Officer Bonilla heard a bang sound and saw through his rear view mirror a man with a gun running toward his car.

The man, later identified as Angel Santiago, Richmond Hills, Queens, dived through his car window and placed a gun in the officer?s face. Officer

Bonilla grabbed Mr. Santiago and fired four shots from his revolver. Mr. Santiago was hit and later died. He was escaping the scene of an attempted robbery of a video camera from tourists visiting St. Patrick?s Cathedral.

Above is derived from 8th of 11 photos in Dec.newsletter's pictoral review of 1988. Click to enlarge. Use browser's "back" button to return.

Brooklyn's Best

Officer James Palozzolo, Anna M. Kross Center, was the department?s honoree at the Eighth Annual Uniformed Public Service Awards held October 24 at the New York Telephone Company, 101 Willoughby Street, Brooklyn.

On July 21, 1987 at about 9:45 A.M. on 60th Street and 18th Avenue Officer Palozzolo heard an explosion coming from the direction of 51st Street and 18th Avenue.

The officer went to the site of the explosion where three buildings had collapsed. Officer Palozzolo immediately looked for victims and noticed fingers sticking out of the debris in front of 5005 18th Avenue.

He removed the debris and saw a man pinned under a metal plate that covered his upper torso. Officer Palozzolo and a firefighter who arrived soon after the officer was on the scene removed the victim who survived the ordeal.

For these acts of dedication to community service and selflessness these officers represent the department in Manhattan and Brooklyn and are the recipients of the Public Service Awards. These awards are sponsored jointly by the New York Telephone Company and the borough presidents.

Above is derived from 9th of 11 photos in Dec.newsletter's pictoral review of 1988. Click to enlarge. Use browser's "back" button to return.

The following is the text of the NYC DOC 1988 December newsletter's masthead on Page 2 -- staff, source, nature, regularity and address of publication, etc. It appeared below a black and white version of the NYC DOC shield logo against a gray background.

Edward I. Koch


Richard J. Koehler

Ruby Ryles

Dell Omega Grant-EDITOR
Spencer A. Burnett-PHOTOGRAPHER
Roberto Roman-RESEARCHER


Michael Dickson
Val Wilcox
Adolescent Reception Detention Center

Ernest Bowser
Leonard Stewart
Anna M. Kross Center

German Duhois
Kevin Galvin
Bellevue Hospital

Levora Bacon
Robert Esposito
Bronx House of Detention for Men

Above is derived from 10th of 11 photos in Dec.newsletter's pictoral review of 1988. Click to enlarge. Use browser's "back" button to return.

Deborah Moody
Patricia Worthy
Brooklyn Correctional Facility

Henry J. Boykins
Brooklyn Court Detention Facility

John Evans
Jerry Greene
Brooklyn House of Detention for Men

Raymond Bethea
Rocco Ferraro
Joe Saglimbene
Correctional Institution for Men

Janet Everett
Beverley Harvey

Maria Zabala
Elmhurst Hospital

Carolyn Gibson
Nicole Maye
Health Management Division

Kevin Butler
Audrey Green
Arterio Vega
House of Detention for Men

Jerry Salley
Kings County Hospital

Nicholas Varounas
Manhattan Court

Debora Dyre
Workenish Sawyer
Thomas Zaffarese
Manhattan House of Detention for Men

Above is derived from 11th of 11 photos in Dec.newsletter's pictoral review of 1988. Click to enlarge. Use browser's "back" button to return.

Bernice Ashley
Hassan Abdul-Rahim
North Facility

Nelson Pagan
Michael Romola
Queens House of Detention for Men

Gloria Fisher
Blame E. Smith Jr.
Rikers Island Hospital

Penny Davis
Delores Woods
Rose M. Singer Center

Juanita M. Murray
Vickie Dumas
Support Services Division

Deborah Hunter
Bernie O?Brien
Supervised External Release

Dennis McCormick
Nancy Sanchez
Training Academy

Evangelio LaPorte
Angel A. Quiles
Transportation Division

Correction News is an official publication of the New York City Department of Correction. It is produced by the Department's public affairs office and is published monthly. Address letters and inquiries to the editor, Department of Correction, Public Affairs, 60 Hudson Street 6th Floor, New York, New York 10013-4393.

The following are images of the photos and the full text of the various individual "news notes" snippets appearing under the top-of-the-page graphics Around Correction and Correction People on Page 3 of the December 1988 issue of the NYC DOC monthly Correction News

1988 caption reads only: "Kings County Hospital." [Photo by] "Nelson Villafane."

The Holidays
Santa Claus for the children, Christmas and Kwanzaa parties for everyone, toys for tots and much more will be happening around the Department of Correction for the holidays as several facilities and fraternal organizations gear up for the season.

For Children
Officers at the Anna M. Kross Center are giving toys to homeless children. Members from the Correction Guardian Association, Inc. will visit Harlem and Bellevue Hospitals in Manhattan, Kings County Hospital in Brooklyn, Elmhurst Hospital in Queens, Bronx Lebanon Hospital and the Bureau of Child Welfare in the Bronx. Brooklyn House of Detention for Men will also give toys to children in a city agency.

For Families
Brooklyn House of Detention for Men, 275 Atlantic Avenue, will hold its annual Christmas party for staff and their families this month at the Knights of Columbus Hall, 828 60th Street in Brooklyn. Santa, a magician, exchange of gifts, food, music and games. $50 per family. Information: the organizers Capt. Leonard Monroe, Officers George Montgomery, John Kudricki, Audrey Campbell and Cristine Stewart, 1-718-522-XXXX.

C-73 (formerly the Correctional Institution for Women) will hold Family Day, Monday, December 5. Activities -- buffet, games, entertainment and a tour of an inmate housing unit -- will begin at 6 P.M.

The Family Support Group will sponsor a special event for children in February. Details: Dr. Natalie Hannon, 1-212-266-XXXX.

La Lay DeIa Salsa, a 12-piece band composed of correction officers from the Hispanic Society, will entertain inmates two evenings in December at the House of Detention for Men and the Brooklyn Correctional Facility. Sponsored by Canada Dry.

1988 caption reads only: "La Lay DeIa Salsa."

The North Facility will have Santa Claus and toys in the visitor?s area. The Queens House of Detention for Men will have toys paid for by Macy?s. Manhattan House of Detention for Men will have an Inmate Family Day on December 16.

The Salvation Army, will donate toys to the Brooklyn Correctional Facility. It will host a party for the inmates and their families, a religious service and carol singing.

Plans for the annual Christmas parties are underway at the Bellevue Hospital Prison Ward and the Bronx House of Detention for Men. Call Officer Juan Garcia, BHPW 212-561-XXXX; and Programs Capt. Cherie Y. John or Ms. Barbara E. Hendricks, secretary, BXHDM, 1 -212-585-XXXX.

Central Office will hold its annual Christmas party on December 16 at 31 Chambers Street from 5:30 to 9 P.M. Hot buffet, beverages and music by Dilligard from Manhattan House. On the same day the Health Management Division, 59-17 Junction Boulevard in Queens, will have a grab bag for gifts and a party for staff.

The House of Detention for Men will have a party for its staff on Friday, December 16, at the Crystal Palace and Oyster Bay Caterers, 31-01 Broadway in Astoria, Queens. $35.

Manhattan House of Detention's staff party is on December 20.

The Correctional Institution for Men will hold its Christmas party December 22 atthe Marriott Hotel at LaGuardia Airport. Open hot buffet and beverages. Starts at 9 P.M. $35. Program Services will also have a party at the chapel building on Rikers Island. Call Ms. Landon, 1 -718-956-XXXX.

The Assistant Deputy Warden Association and the Captains Association will sponsor a joint Christmas membership party Wednesday, December 14 at Antun's Restaurant, 9643 Springfield Boulevard, Queens Village, 7-11 P.M. Smorgasboard. Contact Donald Cranston, 1 -212-227-XXXX.

Although the above image is derived from a Page 3 photo that carried only a credit tag "Nelson Villafane," and no caption, the picture's content indicates it probably also was taken in Kings County Hospital.

The Columbia Association will give its annual party for members Monday, December 12. The Correction Guardian Association, Inc. will hold its annual Christmas and Kwanzaa party Sunday, December 18 from 7P.M. to 1 A.M. at the Pyramid Entertainment Complex, 89-25 Merrick Boulevard in Jamaica, Queens. Your donation helps to buy toys for children in city hospitals. Advance tickets by December 14, $10; at the door, $15.

The Emerald Society will give its annual Christmas party December 16 at O?Hara?s, 46th Street and 30th Avenue in East Elmhurst, Queens, from 6-9 P.M. Sandwiches, salads, beverages, $5 to cover. Open to all Correction staff.

And finally, what has the Support Services Division been cooking up lately? Carrot cakes for everyone. Word is that they are finger -licking good.

Around Town
All That Jazz
If you missed ?Pasta and jazz? with the David Wills Quartet at the Cafe Poppolini, 248 West 14 Street, in Greenwich Village last month you can catch the group?s performance at the South Oxford Tennis Club, 187 South Oxford Street in Brooklyn. The performance is Saturday, December 10 from 11 P.M. to 5 A.M. (The group?s leader, Officer David Wills, works for the Transportation Division.) Tickets, $12 advance, $15 at the door, includes a disco on the first floor. Information: 1 -718-443-XXXX.

50?s Doo-Wop
The drummer Roberto Roman Jr., Public Affairs Office, performing with Earl Lewis and the Channels in Richard Nader?s Rock-n-Roll Show, a 50?s Doo-Wop Show at the Westbury Music Fair in Westbury, L.l. Tuesday, December 27 at 7 P.M. Box office: 1 -212-334-0800.

If you are a correction staff member with a second career as performer, artist or photographer, we invite you to list your shows around town with the Correction News Editor. Contact your correspondents for entry forms or write to: Editor?Around Town, Department of Correction, Public Affairs Office, 60 Hudson Street, 6 Floor, New York, N.Y 10013-4393.

Moving On
Marcia Goffin, former director of the Department of Correction's Legal Division was named Assistant Corporation Counsel for the City of New York, Law Department. Congratulations and good luck Marcia! ? CENTRAL

The image above is derived from the holiday season's greeting box signed by the editor, Dell Omega Grant.

Robert Brown, director of operations for food service, retired September 30 after 25 years of service in the Department of Correc- tion. Friends and co-workers attended a party for Mr. Brown at Harry?s in the Woolworth Building Thursday, October 27.

This is the second retirment for Mr. Brown who has spent all of his career in food ser- vices. Mr. Brown worked for the railroad for 21 years ? the Pullman Co. from 1942-59 and New York Central, 1959-63, after railroad began to operate the Pullman sleeping cars.

Now that Mr. Brown has retired again, will he seek a third job? No, he said. After 46 years of hard work, Mr. Brown said he planned to rest.

Mr. Brown lives in Hollis, Queens.

The Correctional Institution for Men and the Rose M. Singer Center hosted a retirement party for Deputy Warden Frank Gallo. The party was held at Ricardo?s, 21-01 24th Avenue in Astoria, Queens, Monday, November 7.

Like notes in a song and melodies that linger

These are the ones
in our memories that
will be remembered...

To the families and friends and Alice Pettigen, retired, who died October 23. Funeral services were held at the Convent Avenue Baptist Church in Manhattan. On the same day Officer Louis Di Pretoro, retired, died. Funeral services were held at Our Lady of Guadalupe Roman Catholic Church in Brooklyn; Ella Cooper, mother of Officer Laura Cooper of the Brooklyn Correctional Facility, who died October 30. Services were held at The House of Hills Funeral Home in Brooklyn.

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