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NYC DOC Prison Matrons
names, appointment dates, institution assignments, and salaries on last 2 pages in a 20-page "keepers list" booklet published March 16, 1930:
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Date of Appointment
Aug. 25, 1924 Gertrude Becker District Prisons $1,920.00
Jan. 1, 1925 Martha Sharkey Workhouse, W. I. $1,920.00
Mar. 3, 1925 Rose A. Smith District Prisons $1,920.00
Mar. 5, 1925 Adeline Muth District Prisons $1,920.00
Nov. 1, 1925 Mary A. Curry Workhouse, W. I. $1,920.00
Feb. 1, 1926 Alice B. Meany Workhouse, W. I. $1,920.00
Mar. 16, 1926 Anna V. Bennett District Prisons $1,920.00
June 16, 1926—Temp
Oct. 1, 1926—App. Perm.
Mary A. Gilden District Prisons $1,920.00
Jan. 5, 1927 Margaret F. Murray C. P. Brooklyn $1,920.00
Jan. 5, 1927 Margaret Grossjean Workhouse, W. I. $1,920.00
Jan. 5, 1927 Mary A. Hogan Workhouse, W. I. $1,920.00
Jan. 17, 1927—
Apptd.Temp. Matron
Apr. 16, 1928—
Apptd. Head Cook
Jan. 1, 1929—
Apptd. Perm. Matron
(No time lost)
Mary Boland Greycourt $1,920.00
Mar. 9, 1927 Delia A. Carew Greycourt $1,920.00
June 20, 1927 Matilda A. V. Richards Workhouse, W. I. $1,920.00
Nov. 1, 1927 Mary M. Whyte District Prisons $1,920.00
Feb. 1, 1928 Ruth K. Littner Greycourt $1,920.00
Feb. 1, 1928 Mary Willoth Workhouse, W. I. $1,920.00
Apr. 16, 1928 Adele Steinberg Greycourt, N. Y $1,920.00
Apr. 16, 1928 Rose Farrell District Prisons $1,920.00
Apr. 16, 1928 Esther M. Price C. P. Brooklyn $1,920.00
May 1, 1928—App. Temp
Aug. 16, 1928—App. Perm. (No time lost)
Annie Downing C. P. Brooklyn $1,920.00
Aug. 16, 1928 Carrie Stillwell Greycourt $1,920.00
July 16, 1928—App. Temp
Aug. 16, 1928—App. Perm. (No time lost)
Mary Reidy Workhouse, W. I. $1,920.00
Aug. 8, 1928—App. Temp
Jan. 1, 1929—App. Perm.
(No time lost)
Mary Rice C. P. Brooklyn $1,920.00
Aug. 13, 1928—App. Temp
Jan. 1, 1929—App. Perm.
(No time lost)
Pauline S. VandeVelde C. P. Brooklyn $1,920.00
Jan. 1, 1929 Christine Hartnett Greycourt $1,920.00
Jan. 1, 1929—App. Temp
Mar. 6, 1929—App. Perm.
(No time lost)
Mary J. McGinn Workhouse, W. I. $1,920.00
Jan. 16, 1929—App. Temp
Mar. 6, 1929—App. Perm.
(No time lost)
Dorothy McRickard Workhouse, W. I. $1,920.00
Feb. 1, 1929 Rose Maffeo C. P. Brooklyn $1,920.00
Feb. 18, 1929—App. Temp
June 17, 1929—App. Perm.
(No time lost)
Mary G. Conlin Workhouse, W. I. $1,920.00
Mar. 6, 1929—App. Temp
Apr. 16, 1929—App. Perm.
(No time lost)
Mary V. McKeon Workhouse, W. I. $1,920.00
Apr. 16, 1929 Mae Martin Workhouse, W L $1,920.00
June 1, 1929—Temp
June 5, 1929—App. Perm.
(No time lost)
Mary E. Canavatto Workhouse, W. I. $1,920.00
June 17, 1929—App. Temp
July 16 ,1929—App. Perm.
(No time lost)
Catherine T. Keenan District Prisons $1,920.00
July 16, 1929—App. Temp
Oct. 10, 1929—App. Perm.
(No time lost)
Mary Malloy Workhouse, W. I. $1,920.00
Oct. 10, 1929 Margaret Cunningham Workhouse, W. I. $1,769.00
Oct. 10, 1929 Minnette Beck Workhouse, W. I. $1,769.00
Oct. 16, 1929 Helen Neafsy Workhouse, W. I. $1,769.00
Oct. 10, 1929—Temp
Jan. 7, 1930—App. Perm.
(No time lost)
Ellen M. Doyle Workhouse, W. I. $1,769.00
Jan. 13, 1930—Temp.
Mar. 16, 1930—App. Perm.
(No time lost)
Ella McCarthy Greycourt $1,769.00
Feb. 13, 1930—Temp
Mar. 16, 1930—App. Perm.
(No time lost)
Bridget O’Connor Workhouse, W. I. $1,769.00
Mar. 16, 1930 Annie Harte Workhouse, W. I. $1,769.00
May 1, 1924 Anna Mulligan Workhouse, W. I. $1,769.00
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Glossary for Above Institution Identity Terms Used in 1930 Listing:

C. P. Brooklyn

City Prison, Brooklyn, aka the Raymond Street Jail, 149 Ashland Place.

C. P. Queens

City Prison, Queens, 1 Court Square, Long Island City.

District Prisons

11 detention facilites -- 9 in Manhattan, 2 in the Bronx-- treated as 1 command.


The Women's Farm Colony in the Town of Chester, Orange County, N.Y., that received its first female inmates in 1924.


Officially renamed the Correction Hospital in 1916, the Welfare Island facility's 19th century name lingered in use. Separate sections for male and female inmates.

Web note re historical perspective:
The 1930 DOC booklet's listing reflects the then secondary status of female custodial staffers. The matrons were not even included in the booklet's title. For this 2005 Women’s History presentation, we "corrected" that oversight digitally on the booklet cover image -- a bit of historical revisionism! Nor were they mentioned in the Page 3 introduction (see To All Prison Keepers text box on the right) that stressed how seniority strictly determined salary.

But, while that introduction cited seven pay grades, from $1,769 to $2,220, a glance at the matrons’ pay reveals their salaries stopped at the next-to-the-bottom rung -- $1,920 -- regardless of seniority.

Male keepers on the job more than 15 years had moved up the salary ladder, not the matrons. Example: the 30 most senior men, appointment dates from 1883 through 1908, drew the top pay grade: $2,220. The 7 most senior women, appointment dates from 1896 through 1908, were still stuck at the second lowest pay level: $1,920.

The printed booklet's title page was numbered page 1, followed by a blank page, followed by the salary ladder explanation (below) on numbered page 3. The actual listing began on numbered page 4.
    March 16, 1930.

To All Prison Keepers:

There is given herewith in the order of seniority a list of all the prison keepers of the Department, as of March 16, I930.

This list gives the name, date of appointment, institution where assigned, and the salary.

You are also advised that it is the fixed policy of this administration to advance keepers from the lower to the higher grades of salary in the order of their length of service with the Department.

There will be no deviation from this except in cases where a keeper has performed some particularly meritorious or courageous act in connection with the prevention of escapes, suppression of riots or mutinies, or something of a similar nature; or where a keeper has been convicted of any dereliction of duty of a serious nature.

    The grades of salaries are as follows

--- $1,769
--- $1,920
--- $1,980
--- $2,040
--- $2,100
--- $2,160
--- $2,220

    This list will be revised from time to time.

Freddie Wallace-Rakis' beautifully photographed and creatively designed set of 5 photo montage posters (each 13 x 19 inches) that DOC printed and distributed to its facilities for wall display to celebrate 2005 Women's History Month has been converted and reduced by NYCHS into a PDF file with downloadable and printable pages (each 5.5 x 8.5 inches). A cover page with the 5 montages in miniature has been added for this NYCHS presentation of the DOC posters. Each miniature montage on the NYCHS version's cover page is linked to its respective 5.5 x 8.5 DOC poster page. The 6-page PDF file is 700K. It can be saved to 3.5 inch floppy disk. Access the PDF (Adobe Acrobat) file by clikcing the above composite image of the cover page of the NYCHS version.