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NYCHS is honored to serve as the web archives for the back issues of the NYC Correction Captains Association's newsletter, the Captains' Quarterly. We started with the very first issue of the newsletter launched by Peter Meringolo shortly after becoming CCA president. This is the third issue. From each CCA newsletter posted here, NYCHS will select one or two representative articles to excerpt in standard HTML (web) format but will also make available the entire issue in free downloadable and printable Adobe Acrobat format (PDF). As to be expected in a union publication, some articles from these old newsletters reflect labor-management controversies of their day. The views expressed are those of their CCA authors and editors. CCA retains all rights under its newsletter copyright.

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THE PENSION PUSH: 2nd VP Ron Whitfield, lst VP Joseph Dike, President Peter Meringolo and Legislative Chairman Louis Fisher with Assemblyman Anthony Seminerio (D-C, Queens), who sponsored CCA's 20-year retirement bill in the Legislature together with Senator Serphin Maltese (R-C-RTL, Queens), not in photo.
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Apprehended: The CCA is pleased to congratulate Captain Frank Serafino and Correction Officers Joseph Paribello, Anthony Finnochio, Jerry Isernia, Roberta Timpson and Jose Suarez for arresting a known felon for criminal possession of stolen property and driving without a license. While returning from an Honor Guard detail in a Department vehicle, Captain Serafino and the Correction Officers were passed by an erratic driver. Captain Serafino and the group pulled the motorist over and held him until NYPD officers could respond.
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Congratulations: The CCA would like to congratulate the newly-elected board members of the following fraternal organizations --

  • Guardians Association: Diane Kevelier, President; Jacqueline Perry, 1st VP; Andrew Roane, 2nd VP; Dorothy Alston, Executive Secretary; Michael Henry, Treasurer; Isom Patterson, Financial Secretary; Lavora Bacon, Recording Secretary; Arthur Polite, Corresponding Secretary; Wayne Lamont, Business Manager; Charles Baker, Sergeantat-Arms.
  • Hispanic Society: Wigberto Norat, President; Augustin Quinonez, Executive Vice President; Israel Rexach, Vice President Finance; Segundo Schrils, Vice President; Rafael Rodriguez, Executive Secretary; Aida Medina, Corresponding Secretary; Ralph Morciglio, Treasurer; Evelyn Mirabal, Sub-Treasurer; Albert Seda, Sergeant-at-Arms.
  • Maccabee Society: Phil Greis, President; Louis Dixel, 1st Vice President; Bob Donn, Treasurer-, Ernest Braver, Secretary; Harvey Borc, Sergeant-at-Arms.

We are proud to have 10 captains on these executive boards and to have a captain as president of each of these organizations. Congratulations and good luck!

Second Delegate/Alternate Seminar: 2nd Vice President Ronald Whitfield is working on plans for our Second Delegate/Alternate Seminar. . . .

Captain Rhem: The CCA is still actively pursuing the line-of-duty death benefit for Captain Rhem's family. We have received the support of the Correction Department, and the case is now being reviewed by the New York City Worker's Compensation Division. We also have submitted Captain Rhem's name to the American Jail Association and the American Correctional Association for consideration for their meritorious service awards. The CCA will not stop until we obtain everything we can for this hero.. . . .

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