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NYCHS is honored that CPOF has granted our request for permission to post on our web site an HTML version of this article from the 2nd Quarter 2000 issue of The CPO Family [pages 18, 20; Vol. 10 No. 2], setting forth the history of how the relationship between the Correctional Peace Officers Foundation and NYC DOC began with the Correction Captains Association in 1991. The author who bylines herself as "Char" is Charleen Corby, CPOF operations administrator. CPOF retains all rights under its magazine copyright. For more information on CPOF, visit its web site at

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Peter Meringolo, President, NYC Correction Captains Association, welcomes Char to the April meeting.
The CPO Foundation and
the City of New York Department of Correction
by Char

The Correctional Peace Officers Foundation first became active with the City of New York Department of Correction as a result of the murder of Correction Captain Stanley Rhein.

CCA President Peter Meringolo's original 1992 report "Help for the Rhem Family from CPOF -- A Very Special Organization" can be found on Page 3 of the fourth issue of the Captains' Quarterly.

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Captain Rhein began his career with the Department in 1973. He was promoted to Captain in 1985. He was shot in the chest and killed on June 10,1991 at the age of 43.

Captain Peter Meringolo, then, as now, President of the Department's Correction Captains Association, tells this story often:

After the murder of Captain Rhem, Captain Meringolo approached several local law enforcement agencies for assistance for Stanley's widow, Brenda, and their children, Latoya and Lamont. Repeatedly he was told that there was nothing they could do because Captain Rhem had not been a "cop."
Retired NYC Correction Captain Alfred ("Mandy") Mandanici and Char.
However, before long Captain Meringolo was introduced to the Correctional Peace Officers Foundation, and the rest, as the old saying goes, is history.

We indeed came to the aid of Mrs. Rhem and the children, and in June 1992 they and other family members attended Project 2000 III in Washington, D.C. at which Memorial Service Captain Stanley Rhein was among those honored.

The Correctional Peace Officers Foundation is often told, "Thanks for remembering us and our family." Recently we heard this once again from the wife and daughter of Correction Officer Aturo Meyers who was killed on June 17, 1993. Tragically, just weeks later, on July 24, 1993, Correction Officer Renard George was murdered, leaving behind his parents and a brother. Both Officers served the City of New York Department of Correction, and both were honored in 1994 at Project 2000 V.

Captain Peter Meringolo and all in the Correction Captains Association truly keep our "correctional kids" in their hearts.
Correction Captains of NYC DOC.
Each year the Correction Captains Association holds a golf tournament to raise money for college scholarships for the children of City of New York Department of Correction Officers. Also, the Correction Captains Association frequently has donated spending money at Project to the children of the Officers being honored at that year's Memorial Service.

This past April I had the opportunity to address the fine group of people who comprise the Correction Captains Association at their monthly meeting. With me was Steve Mowles from our Sacramento office, to operate the special A/V aspects of my presentation. Captain Meringolo, as always, was generous with his time and his good words about the CPO Foundation. The friendship between the Correction Captains Association and the CPO Foundation is strong, and one that we value highly. Thank you, Peter, and thank you, Captains and Supporting Member Officers in the City of New York Department of Correction.
NYC DOC Emerald Pipe Band in San Antonio for Project 2000 IX, June 1998.

In thanking the Correction Captains Association and Captain Peter Meringolo in particular, I would be very remiss if I did not mention how much we appreciate Captain Meringolo for all he has done over the years in helping to arrange for the City of New York Department of Correction Emerald Pipe Band to participate in our annual Project 2000 gathering every year since 1994.

The Pipe Band has become an integral part of Project. Their performance at our Annual Memorial Service is magnificent and so stirring; and we are fortunate to continue to enjoy this splendid Pipe Band when they play at the various meal functions at Project. The members of the Emerald Pipe Band work all year to raise the funds necessary for them to attend Project -- thank you so much, gentlemen and ladies, for this great effort! We took forward to seeing you once again this June at Project 2000 XI in Colorado Springs!

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