Brief note on long career of 'Tommy O'
-- 40+ years in DOC

Some of the many friends of Correction Officer Thomas O'Connor in NYC DOC recognize that those visiting the NYCHS Hart Island tour web page which includes a photo of him (a rare event itself) might be interested in learning a bit more about this very dedicated and respected but also very self-effacing veteran officer.

Since he has succeeded in thwarting various attempts by his colleagues to honor him in any formal way, they informally submitted to the NYCHS webmaster some data on Officer O'Connor's four decades of continuing service. They thought some background information might be added to that photo's caption to provide historical perspective. But rather than being compressed into a caption, it deserves at least a page of its own:

"After completing his tour with the United States Navy on October of 1959, Tommy O embarked upon his venture with Corrections, during a time the violence against staff was extremely high and tension was unpredictable. . . . He began his career in the Tombs moving on to the Bronx House and Correctional Institution for Men/Hart Island.

His additional assignments have included Recording Secretary and Delegate with the Correction Officers Benevolent Association. Finally,in the early 1980s, Tommy O arrived at the Investigation Division where each day, as Supervising Investigator, he reveals a piece of his craft to each of us.

"Tommy has utilized bits of information received from various law enforcement agency investigations to achieve positive accomplishments. Over the decades, he has been awarded numerous accolades for his diligence . . . by this Department and an array of other federal, state and city law enforcement agencies. Tommy's numerous achievements reveal what an asset he is to the Department.

"At times it seems that the Department's name is Tommy O. When any member of the Investigation division travels around the country and encounters other law enforcement officers, the member is asked 'Do you know Tommy O?' Clearly Tommy O is not only respected by us but also widely respected by others.

"Correction Officer O'Connor has shown the law enforcement community that the Department of Correction personnel exhibit only the highest standards. . . ."

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