Photo c. 1880 shows glimpse of prison wall to left of warden's ivy-covered residence. The darker stone marks prison's added upper tiers.


While compiling information for this book, it was my pleasure to make new friends and acquaintances. All the persons listed on this page contributed to the making of this book, and I consider it a privilege to know all of them.

I gratefully thank and acknowledge the following people for their contribution to this book:

  • The Ossining Historical Society supplied a great number of photographs seen in this book.

  • Thanks go to Richard Crisfield, George James Sr., and Fred Starter for supplying important information.

  • A special thank-you goes to Art Wotpinsky for sharing his expert knowledge on Sing Sing Prison with me.

  • Thanks to Michael J. Johnson, who provided the steppingstone that gave me the confidence to complete this project.

  • I thank family members Mary Cheli and Nicholas T. Canosa for their legal advice.

  • My good friend Mike DeVall generously made available his personal collection of rare photographs - thanks, Mike.

  • I thank Kaia R. Motter, my editor, for making this long-distance partnership work.

  • I am honored and humbled that author and historical writer Lincoln Diamant supplied the wonderful introduction found in this book.

  • I save the best for last, because Roberta Arminio is the best. From the first day I met Roberta, she was supportive of this project. Roberta supplied me with valuable research material and her own knowledge. She made herself available on numerous occasions and was always eager help. To Roberta I say thank you and you are a friend for life.
[ -- Guy Cheli ]

A zoom-in close-up detail from 1889 photo, looking down on the prison, focuses on the industrial shops section to the right of the long cellblock building featured in the image at this web page's top. Note castle-like wall watch tower spires (far right). The background is not sky; it's the river reflecting the sky.

NYCHS presents these text and image excerpts from Images of America: Sing Sing Prison by permission of its author Guy Cheli who retains the copyright © and reserves all rights thereunder. For more about his book, contact Arcadia Publishing at and/or Ossining Historical Society at

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