NYCHS presents excerpts from Guy Cheli's Sing Sing Prison ©
in the Arcadia
Publishing series Images of America

Guy Cheli has put together a rich pictoral resource of remarkable value for anyone interested in an illustrated and photographic history of the prison that, thanks to movies and news media, came to symbolize (rightly or wrongly) all Correction in America: The Big House "up the river."

His 128-page 9.25-x-6.5 book is filled with 200 photos, sketches, and document copies, all with informative yet concise captions. Unless within quote marks, captions in these web pages are based upon the printed originals but paraphrased by NYCHS.

Historical essays (a page and a half or less) introduce the major pictoral sections.

Among various vocations and avocations, Guy Cheli is a member of the Ossining Historical Society, a writer and a contributing editor for Here at Home magazine.

NYCHS is pleased and honored that he has permitted our site to present from his book these text excerpts and this sampling of less than a third of the 200 photos.

Every one of the images in this NYCHS sampling has been reduced in size -- most to less than half their original dimensions. Nearly all have been significantly cropped.

For the full large uncropped photos from which the sampling images were taken and for the remaining unsampled two-thirds of the book's 200 photos, one must go to the book itself.

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The book is copyrighted © by Guy Cheli who retains and reserves all rights thereunder. To correspond with the author concerning his book, arranging a book signing, etc., snail mail him at 1 Santino Court, Mahopac, NY, 10541.