NYCHS presents John Law -- The Name, The Legend, The Man.

John Law's name and visage appear next to those of the famous football Four Hosemen (Harry Stuhldreher, Don Miller, Jim Crowley, and Elmer Layden) in the above poster for the Universal film The Spirit of Notre Dame that featured ND grid stars playing themselves.

The movie was dedicated to the memory Knute Rockne, who had died in a plane crash only months before its release in 1931. The detail, above left, from another poster for the movie shows John Law's face and name third from the left, after Frank Carideo and Al Howard in the ribbon display of ND fotball players.

In the poster on the right John Law's name comes immediately after the great ND quaterback Carideo.

An early talkie, the 80-minute B&W starred Lew Ayres and was Andy Devine's first major movie role. The gravel-voiced actor, an Arizona State College graduate and "ex-bench warmer," played a George Gipp-like Notre Damer struggling against death in a hospital.

The top-of-the-page poster can be found at Movie Posters One.

The two other posters shown can be found in Dorothy V. Corson's The Spirit of Notre Dame section on the Notre Dame web site as can additional background information and photo about the making of the mov1e.

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