NYCHS presents John Law -- The Name, The Legend, The Man.

The above images of postcards depicting the S/S Columbia can be found on the highly informative and meticulously organized Norway Heritage: Hands Across the Sea web site of BÝrge Solem and Trond Austheim at

The image at the left is a detail of a map on the fascinating web Gazetteer of Irish Prehistoric Monuments at

The map shows Antrim as the northeastern most Irish county nearest Scotland, a fact that fits nicely with the family history account that newly-weds Charles and Jeannie Law were passengers aboard the S/S Columbia to New York in 1904. For that voyage, according to Norway Heritage: Hands Across the Sea, began in Glasgow -- where the ship had been built in 1902 and where it was based -- and concluded in New York on June 19th, 1904.

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