1936/1944 Jail Rules Booklet
Forerunner to Current Statewide Minimum Standards
The NY Correction History Society presents text from the SCOC's oldest Regulations for Management of County Jails booklet.

Page 20 of 28 pages.

should be scrubbed thoroughly and frequently. Plenty of soap and water is much better than disinfectant A dirty jail indicates lax management. If vermin is found, take prompt steps to exterminate it.

There should be but one bunk in a cell. Each bunk should be furnished with a clean mattress of proper size, two sheets, a pillow with slip and a sufficient supply of blankets. Straw ticks are a fire menace.

County Jail Regulations Page 20.
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Each prisoner on admission should receive clean blankets, sheets and pillow slips which should be changed at least weekly. Blankets should be sired frequently in the sun and laundered periodically.

Prisoners should be required to bathe immediately upon admission. Their clothing should be examined and, if unclean, should be fumigated and washed. Baths should be required at least weekly and oftener when prisoners are employed at unclean work or in the kitchen or handling food.

Clothing of inmates should be washed at least weekly and changes provided


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