1936/1944 Jail Rules Booklet
Forerunner to Current Statewide Minimum Standards
The NY Correction History Society presents text from the SCOC's oldest Regulations for Management of County Jails booklet.

Page 10 of 28 pages.

County Jail Regulations Page 10.
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giene Law in re temporary commitment to a State Hospital).

If any prisoner who has been duly committeed to the jail, either to await court action, under sentence, or by civil process, or as a material witness, acts in a manner that would indicate to a layman the prisoner is insane, the sheriff should notify the district attorney of the facts without delay, asking that officer to initiate necessary proceedings to have the prisoner examined so he may be removed to a staste hospital if he is in fact insane.


Children under sixteen years of age should not be committed to any jail or prison. The provisioners of the Children's Court Lasw authorize the Court to arrange for suitable housing quarters in those counties which do not have juvenile detention homes. This law does not authorize the commitment of juvenile delinquents to the custody of the sheriff.


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