1936/1944 Jail Rules Booklet
Forerunner to Current Statewide Minimum Standards
The NY Correction History Society presents text from the SCOC's oldest Regulations for Management of County Jails booklet.

Page 8 of 28 pages.

makes it a duty of a sheriff to receive and keep federal prisoners committed to a county jail, except that a sheriff may refuse to accept such priusoners, if their ny acceptance, he is compelled to violent any of the provisions of the County Law relative to the legal classification of prisoners (Section 92). Both the State and the United States statues clearly state that Federal prisoners are subject to the same rules and regulations as those committed by State courts.

County Jail Regulations Page 8.
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When Federal prisoners are lodgedin a jail, the officer in charge should insist that a commitment, showing whether the prisoner is serving sentence or awaiting trial or is being detained as a witness, be delivered with each prisoner so as to enable the prisoner to being legally classified.


Sheriffs should be guided, relative to civil prisoners, by the provisions of the sections of law in Articles 20 and 21 of the Correction Law (Chapter 243, Laws od 1929).


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