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Off-Rikers Jails: Queens

Except for Staten Island, the Department has a major detention center for male inmates in each of the boroughs. Included is the:

Queens House of Detention for Men

The Department maintains secure facilities in three City hospitals, including

Elmhurst Hospital Prison Ward

In Queens as in the other boroughs, DOC transports inmate to and from the courts. The holding facilities for inmates making court appearances are located in or connected to the courthouses. These include the Supreme Courts in Long Island City and Jamaica; the Criminal Courts in Kew Gardens, and the Family Court in Jamaica.

Queens also is home to two major DOC units: its Correction Academy that provides training to officers and staff and its employee Health Management Division (HDM) at 59-17 Junction Blvd., Rego Park.

Although access to Rikers Island is via a bridge connected to Queens, the island itself is actually part of the Bronx. Its jails are listed with the Bronx map. Similarly, Roosevelt Island, where DOC maintains a small unit in Goldwater Memorial Hospital for terminally-ill inmates, is accessed via a bridge connected to Queens. But Roosevelt Island itself is actually part of the Borough of Manhattan. The Golderwater unit is listed with the Manhattan map.

Queens House of Detention for Men

126-02 82nd Avenue,
Kew Gardens, N.Y.

Queens House of Detention for Men -- built in 1961 -- houses 502 inmates, many awaiting trial in Queens.

Prior to the City Charter of 1938 taking effect, police had custoday of the various hospital prison wards. But Section 623.1 gave their control to the Department of Correction; thus on Jan. 1 of that year, DOC took over the prison wards then in Bellevue, Kings County and Fordham Hospitals.

Elmhurst Hospital Prison Ward

79-01 Broadway,
Elmhurst, N.Y.

Elmhurst Hospital Prison Ward in Queens houses female inmates requiring acute psychiatric care.

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