[Floor plan]

The City's Jubilee exposition journal included diagrams that mapped arrangements of agency exhibits including DOC's on the hall's fourth floor. (Circle added here to spotlight area.)

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In addition to floor diagrams showing where various municipal agency exhibits were situated in the Grand Central Palace, the "Official Book of the Exposition" provided detailed descriptions of the displays.

Below begins the exact text from the souvenir journal explaining the Department of Correction booths at the exposition.

Also shown with the text are photos taken in 1923 of the Correction displays. These photos did not appear with the original text in the "Official Book," but a few of them were used in making a photo montage appearing in the final issue of the Silver Jubilee Review, the daily newsletter published during the exposition. To ease screen loading time, the text and photos are spread over two linked web pages:


[DOC Exhibit Entry]

The main entrance to DOC display area at exhibition celebrating 25th anniversary of Greater New York City.

Frederick A. Wallis, Commissioner.

Henry O. Schleth, Supervising Warden,
Exposition Director for Correction

Fourth Floor-(Exhibit Area 404)

Booths Nos. 1 to 8, show modern method of receiving and classifying prisoners.

Booth No. 1. Receiving station for prisoners, displaying two manikins, one representing a Keeper, in uniform; the other,an inmate, in civilian clothes. The personal history of the prisoner is being taken by the Keeper for institutional purposes.

Booth No. 2. Bath Room and Barbershop, displaying three manikins, representing inmates, one inmate being shaved by another inmate, the third inmate receiving a bath in accordance with modern prison regulations.

[Reception Depicted]

A 1923 photo of the DOC exhibition booth depicting "modern reception and classification methods."

Booth No. 3. Fingerprint, Bertillon and Photograph Gallery, displaying three manikins, one representing the Bertillon and Fingerprint Expert, the two others representing inmates. The Expert is in the act of photographing one inmate, the second inmate is waiting to be fingerprinted for the institutional records.

Booth No. 4. Classification Bureau, displaying four manikins, a warden, doctor, school teacher and an inmate. The inmate is before the Board for the purpose of proper classification and assignment in the institution,.

Booth No. 5. Section of a prison hospital ward, displaying three manikins, a doctor, a nurse and an inmate. The Classification Board found that this inmate required hospital care.

[DOC Brooms Manufacture]

Brooms made by inmates among items featured in DOC display on Correction Manufactures

Booth No. 6. Modern sanitary dining-room, displaying one white-porcelain top table, and four enameled stools, with aluminum eating utensils.

Booth No. 7. Modern Reformatory Cell, displaying complete equipment, as furnished by the department to the inmates at the New York City Reformatory.

Booth No. 8. The Parole of an Inmate, displaying three manikins, a Warden, an inmate and a Parole Officer. The inmate has earned his parole, and the warden has just handed him five dollars, which sum is provided by the City upon his release. The inmate is dressed in a complete new outfit furnished by the department, and the Parole Officer is here to instruct the inmate as to his future conduct while on parole.

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