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National Parks Service Reconnaissance Study of Lent-Rikers-Smith Homestead
April 25, 2010
West Point rite
honor DOC hero
U.S. Col./ Israeli Gen.

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Meet 19th Century Sister of Matthew Broderick in 'Glory'
Josephine Shaw Lowell made history too. She did it reforming
NYS & NYC Charities & Correction.
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April 12, 1903 Newspaper Report on NYC DOC Lessons for Abusive Husbands

Granddaughter of slain CO writes of great-grandson whom George Motchan didn't live to see.
June 2010 Parole Hearing for
Joseph James NYSID# 03089100H

To Div. of Parole -- 3/18/10 -- From Kelly McGlyn:
My husband and I have recently given birth to a baby boy. We named him Bradan George to honor my Grandfather. Bradan would have been George's first Great Grandchild. As I have never had the opportunity to meet my grandfather, Bradan George has also been robbed of the joy of meeting his Great Grandfather . . . Joseph James is the murderer of my Grandfather, my sonís Great Grandfather, my Motherís Father, my Fatherís Father-in-Law, and my Grandmotherís Husband. . . .One can see the loss this murderer has caused . . . I ask that this robber of life never ever be granted parole. . . . He does not deserve to be free.


St. Patrick's Day Eve Unveiling Strictly Coincidental to DJC being DOC Emerald Society member?

Meet Al Margolis,
the 'Mench' in DOC
Fiscal 40+ Years

A Rikers Island Employee ID
Card? Yes. Meet George
Rothaizer Who Had One

Lookback at Scenes
on NYC Reformatory's
New Hampton Farms

From Ret. ADW Mendoza

38 years ago last month.

Matron Grosjean.

2009 lookback

NYS Correction 40-Year Look-back:
1970 Beacon Academy Photo

Looking back
100 Years:
1870 - 1970.

A look at where NYS
Correction facilities
were in 1970
19th Century Correction photos
shown at state fair circa 1970.

Another Reason for Thanksgiving in 2009:
That Some People Care.
Brooklyn Jail Scene of NYS' Last Hanging Execution 120 Years Ago Dec. 6th
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John Miskell's
Better Than

Saluting NY's
Reform School
Ship as SUNY
College Ancestor?

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Fingerprint Update

Clue to Hart Island glass slide photo?

'Outraged Woman'

14 close-up views from Army aerial photo.

Founding NYCHS trustees confer (1999): Then long-time Board of Correction member Barbara Margolis and then NYC DOC First Deputy Commissioner Gary Lanigan.

We mourn
our loss.
her life.

Click above image for Osborne Association website story of Fresh Start founded on Rikers by Barbara Margolis.

Son Searches
for ID of Mom's
Portrait Painter
Who Was
Fellow Inmate
of Her Uncle
at Dannemora
Rikers Island
Bd./Dept. of Ed.
Schools' 50th
Noted at
Horizon Academy
2009 Graduation

1985 - 1989
For Special
'Comes Home'
To NYC Dept.
Of Correction

Foursome of Ticket Firsts:
Sarah Palin,
Geraldine Ferraro
. . . Katharine Bement Davis?
Mary M. Lilly?

Suffrage & Correction Histories Intersections.

Pierre Raphael's God Behind Bars:
Rikers Chaplain Reflects on Lord's Prayer
Click image to access excerpts.
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PowerPoint/Internet Explorer Presentation
2 JATC inmate murals in
DeNiro mess hall. Click.

With NYC Reformatory & NYS Dannemora inmates, Ernest W. Blue cleared woods outside the walls.
Click image to access stories on Ernest W. Blue & Robert Rosenbluth's forestry camps for prisoners.

Cattaraugus County Timeline of Executions.

12 such murder cases in 70 years: Dec. 18, 1869 thru Dec. 9, 1939

Rikers Penitentiary Cornerstone 'Inside Story'.

RMSC transition team in late '80s.

Motchan Plus
7 Others

1931 staff at Welfare Island female inmates jail.
Mystery photo: When female officers could wear skirts. Click

Mystery photo 2: When Jackie McMickens posed with pipe band at ferry slip. Click
When COs gave candy to Rikers daily bus riders. Click image left for details.

Rikers Island
World War II
Honor Roll

Growing on the Rock
Was Fatal
NYS Prison
Shower Bath
1858 Style?
Click image
for details.
Then CO Toulon Brought Correction Into NYC Classrooms.

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for details.

Including a "virtual tour" of Elizabethtown old jail.

History conference slide show.
Rediscovering NYS' Mostly Forgotten 1st Penitentiary:
Newgate in NYC
W. David Lewis book excerpts

Sketch of 1797 NYC Prison in NYC: Newgate

Lewis' book

DOC Centennial
* - Mogul and Friend.

* - Goord departs DOCS
after 32 yrs, 10 heading it.

* - Goord's good-byes:
To Pataki, DOCS, ASCA

* - Leclaire named Goord successor.

Hope in Place of Prison:
Catholic Worker article on Abraham House

2006 newsletter

from NYCTV

Virtual Tour
of Harlem
Court & Jail

1940 NYS Sheriff Association Convention Journal photos & text

NYCHS presentation at Researching New York

Fine Arts Behind Bars: Painting & Friendship

The Big House -- Auburn

Premiered May 29 on THC

Hanging Executions 1779-1889

Rikers & Welfare Island Prison Photos

Governors Island Prisons
Virtual Tour

1930 Prison Matrons List
Reveals Uneven Pay Standard

Foreword to Anna M. Kross
report on 12 years at DOC
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"Images of America" book

aka Welfare Island,
aka Blackwell's Island

1936/44 SCOC Standards

Facility Profiles

NYS DOCS Commissioners

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