"When you go home tonight, go in the door, smile to yourself, open the door and go out again . . . and you'll experience the freedom that the people in jail who went in the door don't have . . ." The last phrases of those remarks by the NYCHS webmaster as "talking head" are heard in voice-over in the scene of show host Kelly Choi walking toward and through jail's cellblocks corridor doors. It marks the conclusion of the Rikers segment of Jails of New York in the NYCTV Original Productions "Secrets of NY" series.
This and the other views from the Jails of New York show in the "Secrets of NY" series are presented here by NYCHS through courtesy of NYCTV Original Productions that retains and reserves all rights. ©
'Jails of New York: Secrets Unlocked' in the NYCTV Original Productions 'Secrets of New York' series premiered May 23rd, and was scheduled to air again June 20th at 8PM, June 21st at 10:30PM and June 24th at 9PM on WNYE. That's Ch. 25 on Time Warner Cable. That's Ch. 22 on Cablevision. That's Ch. 25 in NY or Ch. 888 in NJ on Direct TV. See their broadcast listings for further airings. Click show's photo logo below for a virtual tour of the show's Rikers Island segment.
35th of 35 Rikers Island images from NYCTV Jails of New York show in "Secrets of New York" series.

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