This view from the Rikers segment of Jails of New York in the NYCTV Original Productions "Secrets of NY" series shows host Kelly Choi behind a CPSU celldoor with metal grillwork on its bars. The origin of calling the punitative segregation unit "The Bing" is unclear. One theory suggested by the NYCHS webmaster is that it may have developed from corruption of the word bin. An early meaning of bin was cage. Today the word is most often used for a storage space as in "vegetable bin" or "coal bin."
This and the other views from the Jails of New York show in the "Secrets of NY" series are presented here by NYCHS through courtesy of NYCTV Original Productions that retains and reserves all rights. ©
29th of 35 Rikers Island images from NYCTV Jails of New York show in "Secrets of New York" series.

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