Kevin Calabrese, legislative chairman of the New York City Correction Retirees Association, addresses plaque rededication ceremony audience in the GMDC auditorium. Listeners shown on stage: Senior Deputy Commissioner John J. Antonelli, Commissioner Martin F. Horn, Imam Umar Abdul Jalil.

Calabrese, one of the KCHPW officers involved in the original 1975 placement of the plaque, also served a pallbearer at the Motchan funeral. The other five pallbearers -- John Farrell, Ernie Robinson, Frank Dwenger, Orasbie Winfield and Joe Riley -- have all passed on.

NYCHS photo was taken during NYC DOC May 8, 2008 Rededication at GMDC of the C.O. George Motchan Memorial Plaque from the former KCHPW.

CO George Motchan Memorial Plaque Rededication Photo 5

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