Virtual Visit to

National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial
in Washington, D.C.

Looking south into memorial park's central plaza from subway entrance wall (lower right corner).

Metro Red Line subway station on the square's F Street side.

A bank of subway escalators on the park's north side.

24 x 365

The National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial is open around the clock every day of the year. Situated near court and police facilities, it occupies Judiciary Square bordered by E, F, 4th and 5th Streets NW. The Judiciary Square Station of the District's Metro subway Red Line provides elevator and escalator service to the memorial park. Adjacent streets offer curbside parking.

In Valor,
There Is Hope.

-- Tacitus

It Is Not How These Officers Died That Made Them Heroes. It Is How They Lived.
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Lions &

During an NYCHS digital photo-taking visit to the memorial in the spring of 2002, the lions and lionesses guarding the remembrance pathways on the park's west and east sides obligingly held their poses while remaining vigilant as ever. Beneath the bronze statues that symbolize public safety officers' strength and courage are inscriptions expressing the same theme.

This Memorial Is Dedicated to All Law Enforcement Officers in the United States of America. Inscribed on These Walls Are the Names of Those Men and Women Who Died in the Line of Duty.

Memorial Reflecting Pool Inscription Says It All

Looking northward from the memorial's reflecting pool, the visitor can see in the distance and mirrored in the water the 1882/87 red brick National Building Museum. The pool's inscription (text above) states succinctly the memorial park's commemorative purpose. Embedded in the middle of the park's central plaza is the memorial logo in bronze. The memorial and its nearby visitors center are managed by the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund (NLEOMF), a private nonprofit organization.

Near the park's entrances are stands with directories listing more than 15,000 officer names and their inscription locations on marble walls lining the remembrance pathways that the bronze lions guard.
For example, the directory entry for NYC DOC CO George Motchan -- d.o.d. 9/15/75 -- lists his inscribed name as located in the 21st line on the third panel of names along the west remembrance pathway.

The indicated marble panel would be to the far right of the lioness in the image above. George Motchan appears on the second line from the bottom in the above image of some the names inscribed on that panel.

Contact for more information: NLEOMF Visitors Center, 605 E St. NW, Washington, DC 20004
Phone: 202-737-3400
Fax: 202-737-3405

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