The Continuing C.O. George Motchan Story: Part 6a
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The August 1978 issue of The Pen, then NYC DOC's official publication, featured the dedication of Motchan Drive, situated off Hazen Street across from the Correctional Institutions for Women aka CIFW aka C-73. Eleven years later that building, then a male inmate facility, was renamed the George Motchan Detention Center. In subsequent years, the gate at Motchan Drive became less frequently used and awareness that the road had been named for him faded somewhat until revived recently by NYCHS research.

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This enlarged detail of a 1987 Rikers Island map clearly shows Motchan Drive situated between HDM and AMKC and across from what was then the Correction Institutions for Women (CIFW) before it became the George Motchan Detention Center.

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