Division of Parole, 97 Central Ave. Albany, New York 12206

RE: Joseph James NYSID# 03089100H DIN# 76H0001

March 18, 2010

. . . about the upcoming parole hearing in June 2010 for Joseph James. . . . My Grandmother continues to live in a world of fear, 35 years post the murder of her husband. This fear originates from the possibility that the man who stole her entire life, may soon be able to walk the streets of New York City freely.

We have all missed having my grandfather, George Motchan, in our lives. Although we have a strong faith and believe he watches over us all, it would be nice to physically have him here on earth with us.

My husband and I have recently given birth to a baby boy. We named him Bradan George, in order to honor my Grandfather. Bradan would have been his first Great Grandchild. As I have never had the opportunity to meet my grandfather, Bradan George has also been robbed of the joy of meeting his Great Grandfather.

Joseph James is a murderer. He is the murderer of my Grandfather, my sonís Great Grandfather, my Motherís Father, my Fatherís Father-in-Law, and my Grandmotherís Husband. As our family grows, the list will continue to go on. One can see the impact and loss that this murderer has caused for all of us. . . .

Once again, I sincerely ask that this murderer, the robber of life, never ever be granted parole. He does not deserve to be free as we do not deserve to have our love, George Motchan, taken from our lives. . . .


Kelly McGlyn

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