Potter's Field - 2


Hart Guides: Tom McCarthy, NY Correction History Society General Secretary, above, and DOC Capt. Eugene Ruppert (not shown).


Grave Markers

Hart Island

There are no ceremonies for the dead here on Hart Island.  Inmates from Rikers Island are assigned burial detail and are ferried over to do the work.  Coffins are stacked -- 150 to a common plot-- in two columns three coffins high. Each finished plot is designated with a white marker.  Infants' coffins are stacked a thousand to a common plot.

What otherwise might have served as an idyllic retreat of meadows, woodlands and sand dunes, Hart holds too many ghosts -- from the sturdy anachronisms that whisper of a more vital time, to the terrifying reality of the Nike bases, to the seemingly boundless fields of the unwanted dead -- to ever be anything more than a sad, sad island.


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