Ghost Town - 3


Warden's Residence

Dormitory - c. 1910


There were others on the island besides prisoners.  Support staff--guards, administrators, workers--and their families all called Hart their home.  They lived in large, comfortable houses and walked well-lit, well-maintained streets. Men and women worked here, even children played here, as testify these family history excerpts:

My maternal grandparents lived in a beautiful big white house on Hart Island. Pop was the Superintendent of the Welfare Dept. shelter there for homeless men. My memories of Hart Island are the most cherished of my life. I lived all over the world when I was young, but every summer, if we were in the US, we'd go to Hart Island. There I learned to ride a bike, skate, spell, and pray . . . I spent many holidays there loving it and never wanting to leave. My heart will be there forever.

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