C-76 Aliases: Workhouse, RCC, CIFM and EMTC - Part 3 of 3

The Rikers Island facility known in NYC DOC parlance as "C-76" began on the drawing boards a half century ago as the Workhouse. It later became the Reception and Classification Center, and still later the Correctional Institution for Men. On July 14, 2000, it was renamed the Eric M. Taylor Center. Here's Part 3 of C-76's aliases history. [Ceremony photos by C.O. Ralph Smith.]

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Latest Development: Eric M. Taylor Center Dedication

On Friday, July 14th, 2000, the New York City Department of Correction conducted a ceremony dedicating as the Eric M. Taylor Center (EMTC) the facility until then known as the Correctional Institution for men (CIFM).
Guests applaud as Commissioner Kerik directs the unveiling of the sign designating C-76 as Eric M. Taylor Center.
The formal program for the naming ceremony included remarks by Correction Commissioner Bernard B. Kerik, Correction Officers' Benevolent Association president Norman Seabrook, Correction Captains Association president Peter Meringolo, Chief of Department William J. Fraser, and the honoree himself, retired Chief of Dept. Taylor. Other program participants included Imaam Umar Abdul Jalil, invocation; Rev. Eric Brown, benediction; Capt. Michael Ficco, anthem; C.O. Kevin P. Johnson, master of ceremonies, the DOC Ceremonial Unit and the Emerald Pipe Band.

Eric Taylor as young officer.

Chief of Dept. 6/94 - 12/97
The printed program and a large poster included a photo of Taylor as Chief of Dept. and an essay describing his career and contributions to the agency's successes. The poster also included a photo of Taylor as a young officer. The text on both the poster and the printed program read:

"Sometimes, the worst of circumstances produces the best of outcomes. But for the fiscal crisis of 1974, the New York City Department of Correction might never have benefited from the talents and leadership of Chief of Department Eric M. Taylor, who briefly pursued a career with NYPD after first joining Correction in 1973. Without that crisis, which precipitated the layoff of Police Officer Eric Taylor, and thousands of other newly-hired officers the Department might possibly have lost Correction Officer Eric Taylor who would rise to the highest rank of the Department.
Retired Chief Taylor poses with family in front of C-76's new name sign.

"Chief Taylor worked his way up through the ranks, assigned to a variety of facilities. He served as Executive Officer of the Application Investigation Unit, Executive Assistant to the Commissioner, and Commanding Officer of the Health Management Division. As a Warden Taylor served at the Otis Bantum Correctional Center, the North Infirmary Command, and the Maritime Facility. He also served as Division Chief, responsible for six correctional facilities and the Rikers Island Security Unit before assuming the responsibilities of Chief of Department, on June 1, 1994.
At City Hall, the team of Jacobson, Kerik and Taylor briefed Mayor on jail violence reduction.

"During his tenure as Chief of Department, Eric Taylor, along with then Commissioner Michael Jacobson and then First Deputy, now Commissioner Bernard B. Kerik worked as a team to accomplish an unprecedented record of violence reduction levels in the jails.

"By strengthening the Department's chain-of-command through the TEAMS management process, Taylor helped bring about the dramatic reduction in the number of violent incidents, overtime and sick leave rates.

"All this at a time while the Department's admissions were steadily increasing. Chief of Department Eric M. Taylor has left his mark on the New York City Department of Correction. Today's dedication is a permanent reminder of that impact."

Biographical article about Chief of Dept. Edward M. Taylor from 1997 On the Gate.
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