1988-89 CCA member card.

Note: Number 160 in shield was Cranston's. His son Mark was able to obtain 160 for his own shield when a captain 1996 -- 2002.

Mark's nephew, C.O. Nicholas Cranston, was in the recent recruit class ("recent" as of the unveiling of this presentation) and wears Donald's Correction Officer's Shield Number 1940.

President, Treasurer and Secretary's names listed on card face (image above).
Top 11 CCA officers' names & contact info listed on obverse (image below).

Close-up of 15th of 26 Donald J. Cranston Briefcase items

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My Nephew - CO Nicholas Cranston was in the last recruit class and proudly wears Donald's Correction Officer's Shield #1940. The framed photo was between 1983 - 1990 when both Donald Cranston and Phil Seelig were Presidents. Thanks Tom and have a great day today. Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T