NYCHS presents Page 18 of the 19 original text pages of the Board of Correction's first publication (1978) of Minimum Standards for New York City Correctional Facilities.

Page 18 of 19 text pages.

Page 18 of 1978 Minimum Standards.

Above is an image of the brief text (four paragraphs) of Page 18 in the first publication (1978) of the Minimum Standards for New York City Correctional Facilities issued by the NYC Board of Correction, as given to NYCHS by former NYC DOC photographer Mark Mellett.

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(b) A renewal of an emergency variance previously granted by the Board may be granted only if the requirements of Sections 16.7, 16.8(b) and 16.9(a) have been met.

(c) The Board shall not grant more than two consecutive renewals of an emergency variance.

Section 16.10 Effective Date
This Part shall take effect March 1, 1978.

WEBMASTER NOTE: The next text page in the 1978 Minimum Standards booklet was the 19th but did not carry a page number and was not listed in the Page 1 Contents List of Parts. It was the last text page in the booklet and featured the board's determinations on the department's applications for certain variances.

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Although lacking the special features of this 2004 web presentation, an extremely large -- 20 Megabytes -- Adobe Acrobat PDF file of the 1978 booklet text is available.