Above is Virtual Tour Close-up View #4 of the photo by Geo. R. Lawrence Co. of the June 19, 1906 NYC Keepers Mutual Benevolent Organization's dinner event held in the Terrace Garden. Below is a small version of the full group photograph digital image to which red numbers have been added by the NYCHS webmaster to indicate the general vicinity of the corresponding Virtual Tour Close-up Views.

Close-up View #4 shows about 50 men, presumably keepers, all but a handful of whom sport full mustaches. Seven are seen wearing white carnations. The 50 are near a wall that features high-back medieval-styled decorative wooden chairs. Note open window with lace curtains. The mix of light and dark ties and cravats seems about even. Note also that at least two men have beards, one rather full (near table lamp).

4th of 9 close-up views of 1906 NYC prison keepers dinner group photo.

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For the 1906 keepers dinner photo & negative NYCHS thanks Dr. Jess Maghan, Ph.D, former NYC DOC Assistant Commissioner for Training, ex-editor of International Association of Correctional Officers' The Keepersí Voice, and now director of Forum for Comparative Corrections.