New York Correction History Society

-- Officers, Board of Trustees, Executive Committee, Agency Coordinating Councils --

& Bylaws

The draft Constitution and Bylaws document can be downloaded as an Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (PDF) file.

Section 1. The society's officers shall be a president, vice president, general secretary, treasurer, curator, counsel, Board of Trustees chairperson, and an even number of other board members (trustees) -- no fewer than eight (8) and no more than eighteen (18). The president, vice president, general secretary, treasurer, curator, counsel, and Board chairperson shall constitute the society's Executive Committee. Board members who are not members of the Executive Committee shall be known as Trustees. The Executive Committee may increase the even number of trustee seats up to 18 to extend representation to organizations, agencies and institutions entering into working relationships with the society. The seven officers and the other board members (trustees) shall constitute the Board of Trustees (Board).

Section 2. The term of office shall be two years, except for the first year of operation when the term for the treasurer, curator, counsel, and half the trustees, as determined by the Executive Committee, shall be one year.

Section 3. The membership associated with a particular correctional agency that has entered into a working relationship with the society may establish an Agency Coordinating Council, under Executive Committee direction, to encourage, support and coordinate the society's activities related to that agency's history.

Section 4. An Agency Coordinating Council's composition shall reflect diversity within that agency-associated membership and include representation from agency-related recognized unions and associations as well as agency management. The society's president, vice president, general secretary and Board chairperson shall be ex officio members of all Agency Coordinating Councils. Other society officers and trustees currently or formerly associated with an agency whose membership establishes an Agency Coordinating Council shall be ex officio members of the respective committee.

-- Election of Officers and Board of Trustees --

Section 1. Each annual meeting shall elect or reelect officers for those seats whose term of office expires or are otherwise to be filled. Election shall be decided by a plurality of votes counted at the annual meeting. The society's ranking officer who is not a nominee shall preside for the election portion of the annual meeting. The votes counted shall be those cast by members in attendance and/or those received if mail balloting has been authorized by the Board for that particular annual meeting.

Section 2. At least two months before the annual meeting, a committee on nominations appointed by the Board chairperson shall select candidates from a list of potential nominees presented by the general secretary after he or she confers with Board members and Agency Coordinating Councils. The general secretary shall cause notice to be posted on the society's web site and otherwise make known to the membership the slate of nominees selected by the Nominating Committee.

Section 3. Nominations may also be made on petition(s) signed by at least 15 percent of the membership and presented to the general secretary at least 30 days before the annual meeting. Petition candidates must make known on their petitions the specific office or trustee seat they seek. To be considered for petition candidacy, a member must have been active in the society for at least one year. The general secretary shall cause notice to be posted on the society's web site and in other ways make known the candidacies of petition nominees placed on the forthcoming ballot.

Section 4. Officers and trustees shall be installed at the annual meeting immediately upon election and shall serve until their successors have been duly elected and installed. In the event of death, resignation or extended incapacity of an officer to serve, the vacancy may be filled by a vote of the Board for the unexpired term of office.

Section 5. To extend representation to additional agencies, organizations and institutions entering into working relationships with the society, the Executive Committee may make appointments to trustee seats established by it under Article V Section 1. Thereafter, election to those seats, when the appointees' terms expire or the seats become otherwise vacant, shall be take place in accord with the provisions of this Article (VI).

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