New York Correction History Society

-- Name --

The name of this society shall be the New York Correction History Society.

-- Purposes, Focus and Activities --

The Adopted
& Bylaws

Section 1. The society shall pursue, preserve and promote the history of correctional services throughout the City and State of New York; thereby fostering a sense of professional tradition, heritage and kinship among men and women currently and formerly in New York correction service; enriching the store of knowledge about their contribution to the commonweal, both past and present, and increasing public appreciation of it;
The Constitution and Bylaws document, adopted as drafted, can be downloaded as an Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (PDF) file.

Section 2. For the purposes of the Constitution and Bylaws, "Correction" shall be understood as referring to detention of accused persons, youth and adult, before and during proceedings to resolve charges, incarceration resulting from determinations in such proceedings, alternatives to detention and incarceration (including probation and parole), and rehabilitation efforts during and after detention, incarceration, probation and parole.

Section 3. The society shall seek to maintain close working relationships with all correctional services throughout the City and State of New York. The society shall celebrate with these agencies their rich diversity and individual uniqueness while also reflecting their interaction, shared profession and common mission.

Section 4. To fulfill these purposes with that focus, the society's activities shall include (but not be limited to):

a. Encouraging research into New York correction history.

b. Maintaining a World Wide Web site devoted to New York Correction History and the work of the society. Publishing, in Internet and printed form, a periodic learned journal with correction history scholars included in the editorial review process. Publishing newsletters, books, booklets, brochures and other materials resulting from or related to the society's activities.

c. Gathering, preserving, and making available to researchers artifacts, relics, books, manuscripts, papers, photographs, records, and other materials related to New York correction history.

d. Exhibiting selections from the society's collections in public presentations, including displays that travel and that permit featuring, within the larger context, the particular correction history of the locality being visited.

e. Undertaking programs -- such as (but not limited to) art, photography, essay and research papers competitions -- to promote a greater awareness, appreciation and knowledge of New York correction history among employees of correctional services and the general public.

f. Arranging for placement of markers at sites of New York correction history significance.

g. Seeking the preservation and maintenance of New York correction history sites and structures.

h. Serving as a resource for exchange and dissemination of correction history information, and creating opportunities for such.

i. To the extent its Regents charter permits, aiding efforts to establish a museum devoted to New York correction history.

The society shall undertake no activity that would pose a legal conflict for the governmental officials among its officers.

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