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[B.B.Kerik & W.J Fraser]
William J. Fraser displays the shiny Correction Commissioner shield -- and a matching smile -- as his predecessor Bernard B. Kerik, now Police Commissioner, joins him after Mayor Rudolph Giuliani announced appointment of Fraser, formerly DOC Chief of Department, to succeed Kerik as head of the city jail system. Both are among the founding officers of NYCHS.
  • On Nov. 9, 2000, Mayor Giuliani announced appointment of Chief of Dept. William J. Fraser as DOC Commissioner, succeeding Bernard B. Kerik named to head NYPD. Commissioner Fraser is the first member of DOC to rise through each one of the existing uniformed ranks to head the agency.

    Noting the new Commissioner's 22 years with DOC, Mayor Giuliani said, "Bill Fraser has a long and distinguished career in this Department, and his understanding of its mission and operations is unsurpassed."

    The appointment came a month after the formal swear-in of NYPD Commissioner Kerik. For only the second time in NYC DOC's 105-year history has its highest ranking uniformed officer been named Correction Commissioner succeeding one appointed Police Commissioner. On Jan. 1, 1984, then Chief of Dept. Jacqueline McMickens became Commissioner, succeeding Benjamin Ward named to head NYPD. Now a practicing attorney in Brooklyn, McMickens was the first member of DOC to rise through the ranks to become Chief of Dept. and later Commissioner without "Acting" in front of the latter title. In her rise, she skipped over one rung in the ladder of uniformed advacement: warden. For more on the two new Commissioners.

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