Final Rite for Retired Commissioner Ben Ward
With current and former NYC and NYS officials, units from NYC and NYS agencies once headed by Benjamin Ward line up facing St. Patrick's Cathedral.
Image at left shows line-up section including ex-Mayors Giulini, Dinkins and Koch and former NYPD and NYC DOC Commissioner Kerik.
Police motorcycle escort arrives in the rain and reporter Stan Brooks records the sound.
Honor Guard removes the coffin from the hearse and carries it into the cathedral. Among those standing at attention above are Mayor Michael Bloomberg and NYPD Commissioner Kelly.
Following family up steps, Mayor Bloomberg and NYPD Commissioner Kelly lead official mourners including at left, NYC DOC First Deputy Commissioner Gary Lanigan, left.

Officials, current and former, fill pews on one side of cathedral aisle, including ex-mayors Giuliani, Koch and Dinkins.
NYC Correction chaplain Fr. Lucas (right) joins cathedral rector offering the mass.
Left: Lori Douglas and Mary I. Ward, the Commissioner's goddaughter and daughter, respectively, give eulogies. Below: Family members bring liturgy gifts to the altar.
Right: Priests recite the requiem liturgy's final commendation before the coffin leaves the cathedral.

Below: Officers give last salute as coffin is carried from the cathedral.

All images by NYCHS webmaster except the one below.

The one below is by a real photo- grapher: C.O. Ralph E. Smith.

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