Eastern NY CF
Centennial Banquet

Philip Coombe uses hand-mike.

Nevele Grande Hotel
September 23, 2000

6 - 7 p.m.
  • Cocktails
  • Historical Displays
  • Souvenirs and Mementos

7 - 9 p.m.

  • Welcome -David L. Miller, Superintendent
  • Eastern New York Correctional Facility Honor Guard

    Superintendent Miller reviews centennial events.
  • Invocation and Prayer - George Butler, Denise Younger
  • Opening Remarks and Acknowledgments - David L. Miller
  • Dinner and Dessert
  • Video - ENYCF - The First One Hundred Years
  • Speakers:
    • Philip Coombe Jr. -Former Superintendent & Acting Commissioner
    • J. Winthrop Aldrich - Deputy Commissioner for Historic Preservation
    • Glenn S. Goord - Commissioner - DOCS
  • Benediction - Angelo Lamberty
Commissioner Goord addresses gathering.

9 p.m. - 1 a.m.
  • Music and Dancing

Banquet Committee
  • Fannie Andersen, Superintendent's Secretary
  • Barbara Madison, Steward
  • Joy DeJesus, Keyboard Specialist
  • Carol Milewski, Family Services Coordinator
Centennial Display
J. Withrop Aldrich praises centennalists.
  • Jeff Rubin, Correction Counselor
  • Susan Pomerantz, Correction Officer
  • Fred DuBois, Quality Control Supervisor
  • Paul Albright, Vocational Instructor
Fund Raising
  • Fred DuBois, Quality Control Supervisor
  • Carol Milewski, Family Services Coordinator
Audio / Visual
  • Vincent Nigro, Correction Officer

Superintendent Miller reviewed the various activities celebrating Eastern New York Correctional Facility’s centennial. He noted the successful open house held August 26 and attended by current and former employees and their families.
Fannie Andersen, Superintendent's Secretary, grabs a quick look at a historical display board.

"We were blessed with a very nice day and good cooperation from the inmate population." He cited the work of Deputy Superintendent Raymond Cunningham in coordinating the event. Miller called his audience’s attention to the ENYCF history booklets on the banquet tables, citing Correction Counselor Robert Posner for helping gather materials for the book and Correction analyst and author Austin Clarke for writing it.

"The video that you enjoyed a few minutes ago was put together by two Eastern employees, Lt. William Foley and again Bob Posner, with the help of two State Museum employees, curator Craig Williams and videographer Charles Munson." The reference was to a video documentary setting forth the history of the 100-year-old institution.

"The railroad station [restoration project] got a grant of $129,000," Miller noted, the application being put together by Correction Counselor Jeffrey Rubin and receiving strong support from DOCS Commissioner Glenn Goord and First Deputy Commissioner John Patterson.
Inmate-made model of O&W station.
"Jeff was also responsible for the historical display which you see here tonight and was also responsible for getting the railroad station listed on the historical registry."

Superintendent Miller credited Lt. Gene Van Orden and an inmate crew for their work replacing an old wooden memorial in front of the facility with a "brand new granite and brick memorial, and, with help from the maintenance department, restoring the railroad station and the weigh station."

Photo Credit
Seven of the 11 images on this page are by C.O. Robert A. Grant -- the best ones. For a fine essay-with-images by C.O. Grant, visit his Divine Providence: A Pilgrim Journey. In it, he traces 400 years of family history.

The four other images on this page were taken by the NYCHS general secretary: the sitdown dinner scene, the rail station model, Fannie Anderson and J. Winthrop Aldrich.

He mentioned how the creation of the centennial float, led by Carol Milewski and Cheryl James, helped kickoff the series of centennial events.
The stand-up spread before the sit-down dinner.
Miller called attention to the scheduled October 1 centennial stamp cancellation at ENYCF by the local postmaster Joe Wilhelm.

"None of these events would have been possible without a lot of fund-raising. Fred DuBois and Carol Milewski helped in raising $25,000 over five years that not only off-set the price of the tickets this evening, but also contributed to the railroad station restoration and a lot of the other things done for this centennial."

The superintendent observed that, "There’s hardly a staff member at the facility who has not been involved in the centennial celebration in one way or another."

He also urged members of the audience to view after their dinner, if they hadn’t already, a model of the railroad station on display in the lobby. "It was actually done by an inmate Peter Gripaldi who did work as well on the station restoration layout."

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