• David L. Miller, Superintendent since 1995, Hub Superintendent since 1999
  • Robert Mitchell, Superintendent Ret., 1992-95
  • Robert Posner, Correction Counselor
  • William Foley, Correction Lieutenant
  • Robert Mizerek, Correction Lieutenant
  • Charles Piera, Volunteer Services Coordinator
  • Austin Clarke, Associate Administrative Analyst
  • Craig Williams, Curator, NYS Museum
  • Charles Munson, Videographer, NYS Museum
  • Susan Pomerantz, Correction Officer
The Eastern New York Correctional Facility's Centennial Committee gratefully acknowledges the following people for their devotion and contributions to this project, which could not have been completed without their effort and enthusiasm.

Production and Design by Robert Mizerek

  • The family of Captain Robert Wager, Acting Superintendent 1938 - 1939
  • Randall McAuley, Correction Officer
  • Robert Grant, Correction Officer
  • Jeffrey Rubin, Correction Counselor
  • Fannie Andersen, Secretary 11
  • Larry Singer, Vocational Printing Shop, Shawangunk Correctional Facility
  • Ellenville Public Library and Museum
  • NYS Library
  • All employees, retirees and community members who contributed photographs, artifacts and personal histories to Eastern's Archives and Centennial Committee.

Introduction by Superintendent David L. Miller

On June 8, 1995, I was appointed Superintendent of Eastern NY Correctional Facility . . . by the Acting Commissioner of the Department of Correctional Services, and former Superintendent of Eastern during my earlier tenure at this facility, Mr. Philip Coombe, Jr.

I immediately felt the awesome responsibility for the running of a maximum security institution with 1440 acres of land, 1237 inmates, 600 employees, a $22 million budget, and a history of being the best institution in the NYS DOCS system. . . .

Construction had started on the institution in 1895 and the first inmate had been received on Oct. 1, 1900. It had always been clear to me that this was a special institution with a long history that needed to be recorded. . . Eastern NY CF offers inmates a tension-free atmosphere with a great deal of space. (Forty percent of the 23 acres inside the wall is dedicated to the large recreational yard.) Lastly, and maybe most importantly from an inmate's perspective, is the institution's proximity to New York City from which 85% of the inmate population originate. Inmates' families can drive up to Eastern for a visit with their incarcerated loved ones, and be home in time for dinner.

Superintendent David L. Miller started his state service as a teacher at Highland State Training School in 1966. During the next 34 years, he rose through the ranks serving as Education Supervisor Director, Deputy Superintendent of Programs, First Deputy Superintendent and was appointed Superintendent at both - Wallkill and Eastern. He has a BA from Colgate and an MA from SUNY-New Paltz. He was the first Accreditation Manager in DOCS. . .

Robert Mitchell, the former Superintendent, had, shortly before my arrival, encouraged several employees to research the history of the facility. I continued his efforts and with the help of numerous employees and several retirees, we set out to prepare for the celebration of Eastern's first 100 years. Hours and hours were spent compiling the material that had been saved over the years. We even managed to retrieve quite a few artifacts and pictures that had disappeared. What you are about to read is the result of that massive effort.

This story includes the role of the wardens/superintendents and other key figures who shaped the history of the Institution and the Department. Our present Commissioner, Glenn S. Goord, and the Acting Commissioner before him, Philip Coombe, Jr., are products of Eastern NY Correctional Facility. It also covers the major events that make up the history and tell the story of the life behind the walls. . . Special thanks are due to Austin Clarke, Associate Administrative Analyst for helping us write this booklet.

The institution has always served as a major employer, a purchaser from local businesses, and a source of free labor for non-profit organizations. . . The crews are also called upon to help with emergencies such as forest fires at Minnewaska State Park. Inmates from Eastern organized the Delinquency Intervention Program in order to deter at-risk kids from a fate similar to theirs. The concept of a correctional facility as a good neighbor got an early start at Eastern and has grown stronger as the years have passed.

We hope that this booklet makes plain, with its description of the surprisingly rich and well-documented history, that . . . Eastern NY CF is worthy of acknowledgment, commemoration and sharing.

We are proud of it.

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