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In 1970, Auburn Prison name was changed to Auburn Correctional Facility, to reflect a change in the philosophy of the penal system in New York State.

The facility continues to be a walled, maximum-security prison for male convicts. In March 2003, the inmate population totaled 1,696, of whom 58% were black, 23% were Hispanic, 17% were white, and 2% belonged to other ethnic groups. An effort is made by prison management to balance the ethnic make-up of both living and working areas within the prison.

Prison employees, both civilians and members of the Department of Correctional Services, are active participants in the life of the community. Shift work enables many to volunteer. Generations of Au6urn children have been coached at sports, lead in scouting, or taken on field trips by corrections officers.

Auburn Correctional Facility, with more than 840 full-time employees, is today the largest employer in Cayuga County. With an annual payroll of $26 million for Department of Correctional Services officers, $3.5 million for civilian staff, and another $2.4 million for prison industry staff, the prison remains a vital economic engine in the county.

The plate shop in the Auburn prison still produces every license plate in New York State.

The prison continues to present a desirable career choice for county residents -- several men and women employed today at the Auburn prison represent the third, even fourth generation in their families to work there. There are brother-brother pairs, father-son pairs, and husband and wife pairs, all making a living at Auburn's longest lasting business -- the state prison at Auburn.

The history of Auburn Prison has been written about extensively. This synopsis could not have been possible without access to the work of:

  • John Miskell
  • James L. Rust
  • Donald K. Wilson
  • Elliott G. Storke

This exhibit is made possible with public funds from the New York State Council on the Arts, a state agency. This exhibit is funded, in part by the City of Auburn, Cayuga County, and the members of the Cayuga Museum of History and Art.

Cover illustration by Cheryl Chalmers.

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