1863 draft rioters torched Colored Orphan Asylum. 233 children were saved, sheltered at DPC&C facilities on Blackwell’s Island. It was begun in 1836 by 3 Quaker ladies who hired 1st U.S. black Doctor James McCune Smith, medically trained in Scotland, as the orphan’s physician. Harlem Dowling West Side Center for Children & Family Services had its roots in the Orphan Asylum.
The torched orphanage image is based on an 1863 Illustrated London News sketch appearing on a number of web sites, including CUNY Graduate Center's Virtual New York presentation of Seymour B. Durst's Old York Library collection of NY historical materials. See
The Harlem Dowling West Side Cente logo and h&s image of Dr. Smith can be found on its  web site, including its 175th Anniversary Journal web page at